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Game of Thrones WHY U DO DIS?

A few hours ago I just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones from yesterday. My only reaction that can be made sense of: WHYYYYYY?
Mom warned me not to become too attached to characters, but I mean, come on. This is like my favorite character. And he's an extremely important character. WHY U DO DIS.
Brb, still in shock/sobbing in a corner.

2. I succumbed and bought a paid account, mostly for the custom mood themes and extra userpics. I should not be spending my graduation money like this. But it was only seven dollars for two months. ;w;
Now that I have a paid account, I figure I need to start making more entries...including posting up some of the writing I've been working on.

3. Right now I am playing KOTOR after years of having not played it, and at the same time I am also rewatching/rereading Hiatus x Hiatus Hunter x Hunter. I screencapped some of it, so icons are coming on the way. <3
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